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Studio & Artist Policy agreement

In consideration of receiving a tattoo at the Studio from the Artist I agree to the following:The Client warrants as follows: -

I accept that the terms of this Waiver are in addition to, and not in replacement of, the Terms and Conditions of the Artist. Where there is any discrepancy between the terms, these terms shall prevail and take precedent. Similarly, if it is ever found that any term herein or therein is invalid for any reason, then that singular term shall be modified to the extent that it becomes valid and will not affect the validity of this waiver or the Terms and Conditions generally.

I have truthfully represented to the Artist, associates, agents, and any/all representatives of the Studio that I am over eighteen (18) years of age and I understand that it is illegal to receive a tattoo under this age of 18 pursuant to the Tattooing of Minor Act1969. I have provided photographic identification to prove I am legally able to be tattooed by the Artist.

I understand that if I have any skin conditions (such as but not limited to: acne, scarring (Keloid) eczema, psoriasis, freckles, moles, sunburn, skin treatments, laser hair removal, plastic surgery or other skin altering procedures) it may result in some degree of change to my tattoo and I have, before engaged the Artist, sought medical advice where necessary.

I understand that I hold ultimate responsibility for looking after and healing of the tattoo and any/all faults in aftercare are my own.

I appreciate that the Artist and/or the Studio may provide literature to me pertaining to standard aftercare/treatment methods, but they are not universally applicable and if I am in any doubt as 

to the healing of my tattoo, I will contact the Artist, the Studio and where necessary I will seek medical advice.

It is not reasonably possible for the Artist, or any association, agents or representatives of the Studio to determine whether or not I might have any form of allergic or other 

reaction to the dyes, pigments or processes used in my tattoo, and I agree to accept the risk that such reactions are possible and are not the fault of the Artist, the Studio orany related party.

I understand that infection is possible in the event that I do not take proper care of my tattoo, or by not following the written instructions advising me of the proper care. I take full responsibility of my tattoo and all aftercare once I leave the Studio and theArtist.

I acknowledge that I may be entitled to a touch-up on a newly completed tattoo at the discretion of the Artist and I have the responsibility to inform the Artist of any required touch ups within a 2-week period from the date I received the tattoo to be eligible for such discretionary touch up. I agree that should any touch-up work be needed, and in the Artists opinion, it is due to any act or omission of my own, or due to an incomplete design, will be done at my own expense. A second pass is not classed as a touch up and is at the customers expense, completion of touch up work is at a time suited to the Artist.

I acknowledge that any and all spelling, dates, grammar, size, placement, and/or any and all other aspects of the design are my responsibility, decision and free choice and are not, in any circumstances, the responsibility, decision or fault or other liability ofthe Artist or the Studio.

If I am not happy with the design, as detailed within the Schedule to the Terms and Conditions, I must inform and advise the Artist immediately, and prior to the placing or commencement of the tattoo. A failure to do so will renderthe Artist or

Studio not liable for any losses, to the fullest extent that such liability can be excluded by law.

I understand that variations in colour and design may exist between any tattoos, as selected by me and ultimately applied to mybody.

I understand variations in skins tones can change colour outcomes, darker skin tones may result in the colours to not appear asbright once healed,

I acknowledge that my fresh tattoo will look different once healed, as it can appear lighter and slightly different to the design. The Artist and the Studio shall not be liable forany such change, to the fullest extent that such liability can be excluded by law.

I Understand that the preview/consultation design prior to the start of the session is a base design and can have variations andchanges to the final, completed tattoo.

Designs are only ever a foundation or guide and representation of the work to be completed,

I acknowledge my final tattoo can vary from design preview and I do not hold the Artist or the Studio liable for any such variation.

I understand a tattoo is a permanent change to my appearance and that no representations have been made to me as to the ability to later change, alter or remove my tattoo. 

By signing the waiver, I hereby fully accept all responsibility for any consequences that might stem from my decision to have tattoo related work undertaken by the studio.

I accept that the Artist and/or Studio shall not be liable in any circumstances, to the fullest extent that such liability can be excluded by law.

I acknowledge that once I leave the Studio, I confirm that I am absolutely satisfied with the outcome and final product of the work completed and I agree it is 100% 

completed, if not stated otherwise before leaving.

It is my own responsibility to expressany concerns to the Artist or Studio before leaving.

Tattoo work is final, the associates, agents, or representatives of the Studio as well as the Studio itself have a strict no refund policy on all work and products.

The obtaining of a tattoo is my choice alone and I consent to the application of the tattoo and to any action or required conductof any associates, agents or representatives of the Studio that may be necessary to perform the tattoo procedure. The Studio expressly relies on these warranties in carrying out the tattoo related work herein before referred to.

I acknowledge that the Artist, the Studio, associates, agents, and representatives of the studio reserve the right to refuse service, designs, and clients at any time, without explanation or reason.

I acknowledge that the sterilization method used was explained to my full satisfaction.

I have the opportunity to ask questions regarding this procedure. All questions were answered to my satisfaction. All equipment during the procedure was opened infront of me. I witness the disposal of the tattoo needle(s) into regulated sharps containers.

I/the Client agree to indemnify, hold harmless, WAIVE AND RELEASE to the fullest extent permitted by law the full liability of theArtist, the Studio and any/all connected parties including, but not limited to, all damages, actions causes of action, claims, judgments, cost of litigation, legal fees and all other costs and expenses which might arise from the customer’s decision to have tattoo related work done by the Studio or Artist. I agree not to commence any action or claims against the Studio, Artist, its servants, agents or representatives in connection with, including but not limited to, any damages, claims, demands, rights or causes of action of whatever kind or nature based upon any injuries or property damage to, or death of the customer or any other person arising from the customers decision to have tattoo related work done by the studio.

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