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Tattoo Preparation

Before and During your session


Before Tattoo Session Info

What you should do in preparation for a tattoo session:

- Get hydrated. Drink at least 1- 2 litres of water a day if possible, for at least (1-2) week prior. When you are hydrated, 

your skin is hydrated and will be able to maintain a better healing process and withstand longer sessions.

- Lotion/ Moisturise the area to be tattooed every day, or twice daily if possible, for at least (1-2) week prior. Again, the healthier your skin, the better the results.

- Exfoliate the area (1-3) times a week. Exfoliation should be gentle with a loofah or basic body scrub to remove excess dry or dead skin.

- Get a good night sleep the nights leading up and before your session. 

- Please EAT BEFORE your session. This is a massive workout for your body and IT NEEDS FUEL for a big session. When you are hungry, pain management is much more difficult. Bring drinks, snack/ lollies with you to help keep your sugar levels up. It is also a good idea to bring small snacks that you can eat one handed without making a mess in case you need a distraction during your session.

We can stop for a lunch break on full day sessions, so you can bring in lunch or go get lunch on your break, there is a cafe next door we recommend, or takeaway food 3-5 min walk down the road. We also have a microwave and a fridge at the studio for your convenience. 

What NOT TO DO before a tattoo session:

- No tanning/ sunburns, fake tanning, chemical peels, anything that may cause major cuts or scrapes, in the area to be tattooed. We cannot work on freshly damaged skin; this will result in an unhealthy healing process and will not heal properly.

- No weightlifting/ training in or near the area to be tattooed at least 2 days prior to your session to prevent unnecessary swelling & soreness. 

- Do not shave/ wax or use hair removal cream on the tattoo the day before or day of your session – we will complete any necessary hair removal before the session. This will reduce the risk of shaving rash, irritations etc

- Do not party hard, drink or have a late night the night before your session. Getting tattooed hung-over/ tired is not fun for you, your body or me.

- When getting tattooed on areas around the arm pits, watch out for over spray/ getting deodorant on surrounding areas when using antiperspirant deodorant. This can make the skin hard to work with.


- Please arrive 10min before booking time

- Please bring photo id (driver’s license, 18+ cards, passport etc)

- Visitors and support person are more than welcome to come with you to the studio, but please do not bring the entire family or crew, we have a small comfortable studio. Our tattoo bays are only suitable for the person getting tattooed and the artist while the session is in process. We are more than happy for people to come in and stop by throughout the day, but we do not have enough room for them to sit in and watch.

- For WPHS reasons, please do not bring animals, small children, or babies into the studio, please wear appropriate 

footwear, or bring a spare change of shoes (flipflops/ sandals etc.)

- Dress comfortably and appropriately for the area being tattooed, we must be able to have full access to the area/ 

surrounding area being tattooed. Do not wear new clothing you do not want to be damaged. As careful as we are, ink damage can occur. 

- Please do not wear anything that may restrict the work area such as clothing that can get in the way, we may possibly ask you to remove it otherwise.

- You are also invited to bring your own pillow for laying or sitting on during your tattoo.

- You are also free to bring some form of entertainment for yourself like an IPOD, IPAD, Laptop, Tablet, book etc, using your own headphones or ear buds. 

- Please do not schedule something immediately after your tattoo, as estimated times for your tattoo may change causing your session to take longer than expected.

- Please do not use any numbing products on the area being tattooed without enquiring with the artist first.

- Do not come in under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. 


Please be aware of cross contamination. 

- Do not touch your fresh tattoo during your session. 

- Do not let anyone else touch your tattoo either! 

-Please note having a good old chat is more than welcome but please try to limit talking with your hands, or excessively moving other body parts as this can cause the area being tattooed to move as well.

- If you need to cough or sneeze, PLEASE just give me a heads up – this also applies for reaching for food/phone/ water etc.

We look forward to working with you, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or queries.

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