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Tattoo Aftercare


The first 2 weeks are VERY IMPORTANT so you MUST follow these steps!


1. Leave dressing on for 1-2 hours, during this time if you have swelling or hot/ burning sensations, apply a cold pack or cool cloth on top of the dressing every 10min for 2-3min. (DO NOT apply cold pack to bare skin/ tattoo, it MUST be on top of your dressing). You can take an  anti-inflammatory to help reduce swelling, or Nurofen /Panadol to help with any pain. Always consult a doctor or professional before use of medication.

2. Remove dressing, wash gently with warm water and mild soap using CLEAN hands, 

- do not scrub or use a cloth or sponge during the healing process. 

- do not use exfoliation soaps

- If you find you get a sting or burn from the soap, this is caused from the perfumes and fragrances in the soap, swap your soap to a  baby or Sensitive skin soap.

Removing any blood, plasma, and excess ink from the Tattoo, leave to air dry. You will be required to wash your tattoo at least 2-3 times as directed above each day. While at work or away from home, you can use non-alcoholic wipes or baby wipes to clean and wipe down the tattoo throughout the day if unable to wash as directed as above.

3. Leave to air for remainder of the day when you are at home after your session. Before bed, wash the tattoo as directed above. Air dry and then wait 15-20min before wrapping your fresh tattoo in cling film and taping it up to sleep for the first night. (DO NOT apply any cream before wrapping or in the first 24hrs) The film will stop your tattoo from sticking to your sheets and clothing throughout the night, it will also help the healing process start sooner. Your tattoo will weep and may bleed throughout the night, you may also find excess ink under the film, this is normal.


1. When you wake in the morning, the tattoo and cling film will be covered in plasma and fluids, remove this by cleaning your tattoo in the shower and wash the entire area as directed above. Discard old cling film (Never reuse clingfilm)

2. Once clean and dry, wait at least 30min to apply a small amount of cream or ointment to the tattoo area. (Bepanthen or cream recommend by the artist) Massage gently into the skin, remove any excess cream/ointment that may sit on top of the tattoo. The skin should be moist, NOT Greasy or Oily! LESS IS MORE!

Treat the cream or ointment like a sunscreen/moisturiser, you do not want excess sitting on top of the skin as the tattoo area will not be able to breathe, this can cause pimples, trap germs or bacteria, cause weeping and greatly increase your risk of infection. A little goes a long way. Cream or ointments are only there to keep the skin hydrated throughout the healing process. 


The tattoo will usually take 7-10 days after your session for the “peeling” process to be completed, leaving the skin shiny and slightly wrinkled. After two weeks, the tattoo should appear fully healed (some tattoos and areas of the body can take longer to heal, so allow up to 3 weeks for certain/more sensitive areas to become 100% healed) 

Re-cap of healing for the first two weeks:

- wash the tattoo at least 2-3 times per day as directed above

- wait at least 30min after washing the tattoo to apply the small amount of cream/ ointment. 

- Apply cream/ointment twice daily or when the tattoo/area becomes overly dry/ cracking or tight, remembering LESS IS 


As a tattoo is an open wound, it is important that you take precautions to help avoid the chance of infection during the healing process.

DO NOT do the following:

NO soaking, bathing or swimming in pools, spas or the ocean (showering is fine) for 2 weeks.

NO direct sun, sunbathing, tanning oil or sunscreens for 2 weeks.

DO NOT: over cream or re bandage unless told otherwise, this allows the tattoo to breathe.

DO NOT: use soaps with exfoliating beads or high in perfume/ fragrance.

DO NOT: wash with exfoliating gloves or face cloths, wash with clean hands only (it is perfectly fine for skin flaking to

 come off during the washing and creaming process).

DO NOT: pick scabs, pull off skin flakes or scratch your tattoo while healing.

DO NOT: touch or allow anyone else to touch the tattoo or surrounding area within the 2 weeks.

DO NOT: use force to remove you tattoo from stuck clothing or sheeting. If your tattoo gets stuck to your clothing/

 sheets, wet the area with water until it becomes free from your tattoo or jump in the shower to remove.

DO NOT: complete any strenuous exercise or excess movement for 72hrs, let it rest. This is for the tattoo area, 

- e.g. if it is a forearm tattoo, no working out arms for 72hrs. Cardio, legs and core will be fine, NO ARMS

- if you work out at a gym, make sure to clean all equipment before use, GYMS are a high-risk area.

- make sure to clean your tattoo before and straight after working out 

DO NOT: play sports or sporting activities for 72hrs after the session. During the first 2 weeks, be mindful of sporting equipment, clothing on the tattoo area as well as dirt or muddy fields etc. Limit all high contact sports where possible. 

DO NOT: play with or let animals near the tattoo or surrounding areas 

– animal hair and fur are a HIGH RISK for tattoo infection.

DO NOT: wear tight or dirty clothing, jewellery, or watches. Tight clothing causes rubbing and irritation for the tattoo and can effect healing. 

DO NOT: complete dirty or unclean tasks near the tattoo area 

- e.g. Dishes (dirty water), changing diapers, dust, cleaning or using chemicals etc.

DO NOT: place tattoo area near heat or open flames

- e.g. Ovens, stoves, steam, fires etc

DO NOT: Rest on the tattoo area. E.g. elbows and knees are a high rub area – BE OVERLY MINDFUL


1. Moisturise the area at least once a week

2. Wear sunscreen when exposing the area to sun

3. Limit exposure to sun when you can

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